Laboratory Chamber Furnaces

The BSF range of furnaces incorporates hard faced slab heating elements and is designed for general laboratory applications.

The BSF design is ideal for treating heavy loads, and the processing of materials that could contaminate bottom heating elements through spillage.

  • Vertical lifting door protects operator from heat when the door is opened.
  • Positive break door safety switch isolates chamber from power supply when door is open.
  • Double skin case construction ensures external case surfaces meet safety standards.
  • Replaceable ceramic hearth tile.


  • 4 side heating for heavy loads or where a metal retort is fitted.
    Note: This option increases the furnace power rating.
  • Metal gas tight retorts.
    Note: This option reduces furnaces temperature rating to 1050° C
  • Ashing conversion kit to provide good combustion conditions in the chamber and improved fume extraction.