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Carbonator OMVE

The CF310 is the new range of carbonators that to full-fills the highest demands in carbonation applications. With the different size vessels available and the possibility to integrate up to 3 vessels in one system maximum flexibility and productivity is offered.
The Batch Carbonator is designed to carbonate pre-mix (finished) product and depending on the options used, handles any type of drink including ice tea, alcoholic beverages and highly foamy products, such a beer.
The OMVE Batch Carbonator brings new opportunities into the market in to the area of:

  • Hygienic & Aseptic Carbonation of beverages
  • Carbonated products with small soft particles or fibers
  • Carbonation of large batches to fill with a small automated filling line
  • Increase the output by using 3 carbonation vessels (1x filling, 1x carbonate, 1x cleaning)

The system is not only suitable for carbonation, but also for mixing and dosing the different products in a hygienic pressurized vessel.