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OMVE FS210 & FS211 Clean-Fill

Hygienic Filling & Closing Bench
When hygienic filling is your priority

There are still many laboratories and pilot plants that fill and close the heat-treated product in an open contaminated atmosphere. Furthermore the filling line has not been part of a CIP and/or SIP procedure. This will create unacceptable variations in the quality of your trials and doesn’t give a representative simulation of an industrial process line.

With the special designed Clean-Fill & Clean-Fill ESL ,OMVE offers the widest range of filling benches for laboratories and pilot plants within the food industry. Different packaging can be filled and closed within the hygienic environment.

The OMVE Clean-Fill creates a class 100 working environment ensuring protection for (non-hazardous) products, which have to be filled in a hygienic environment. The continuous down flow and over pressure, created by the sterile air coming from the HEPA-filter, prevents inflow of contaminated air from outside the filling bench.