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OMVE Bench Top Carbo Fillr

With great accuracy and reproducibility

The CF121 Bench-Top carbonator is designed to give R&D and QA departments the possibility to carbonate (customer) water or post-mix drinks fast, at a very accurate CO2 level with a minimum effort. The startup time (cooling and saturation) is less than 15 minutes. The unit will automatically refill the saturation vessel with fresh water after every filled container. Depending on the size of container and CO2 level, the maximum output of the CF121 is approximate 25l/hr (based on 50x 0,5 liter PET bottles).


  • Accurate control of desired level of carbonationAutomatic pressure control
  • CO2 content adjustable from 5 to 11g/l
  • Easy operation with an Intuitive 4-button control
  • Pre-pressurized filling
  • CO2 flushing of bottle
  • Any type of bottle up to 1,5L can be filled
  • Compact and contemporary Table-Top design
  • Internal cooler
  • For higher output additional cooler can be integrated