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OMVE CF210 Laboratory Carbo-Fill

Carbonates, fills and seals
With great accuracy and reproducibility

The ability to establish precise, repeatable parameters when carbonating in the laboratory can dramatically improve the speed at which new products can be developed.

The OMVE Carbo-Fill range of miniature-scale carbonators and fillers offers this facility of reliable, precise and flexible carbonation for more than 20 years. The Carbo-Fill simulates the industrial process on a miniature scale. This makes scale-up to pilot or production plants easier.

Pre-mix carbonation with finished product or post-mix carbonation for only water or with a syrup in the bottle can be carried out.

The Carbo-Fill is easy to install, setup and use. It is touch-screen operated and allows different carbonation and filling scenarios to be set and stored. It also includes a cleaning program enabling the unit to be prepared for another product or formulation with minimum intervention.