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OMVE HP202 & HP303 Homogenizes & Emulsifies

With great accuracy and reproducibility

The OMVE Inline high pressure homogenizers are designed to be installed with the OMVE HTST/UHT systems or with other small scale continuous flow heat treatment systems.

The homogenizer HP202 is used inline with the lab HTST/UHT systems and is supplied on a mobile frame and with a stainless steel hopper for standalone use. The changeover from an inline system to a standalone system is done within minutes.

The homogenizer HP303 is used inline with the pilot HTST/UHT systems and is supplied with a frequency converter and all instrumentation for safe and inline use.

The inline homogenizers are equipped with a connection setup for upstream and downstream homogenization.

The homogenizers are very easy use inline with the OMVE HTST/UHT system, even without pulsation dampers. When more processes are used inline the automatic pressure or flow control of the homogenizer is the right option to select. This will result in less operation errors, less maintenance costs and more productivity in processing.