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OMVE HT220 Laboratory UHT

Inline Pasteurization and Sterilization
The most complete lab UHT system

With the OMVE HT220 Heat Treatment Systems you have a reliable, robust and safe in operation system that gives you maximum flexibility for a very broad range of products.

The compact system enables you to run a trial with less than 3 litres of product. This reduces the required amount of ingredients, preparation time, start-up time and processing time. Moreover, the HT220 allows you to conduct more trials in a day, improving your R&D productivity.

Because of the easy accessibility to the heat exchangers, modifying the process configuration is simple to carry out within a minimum of time. All manual controls are easy to access from the front.

A clear dynamic overview of the process (temperature, flow, pressure) is given on the 10” TFT touch screen with a high resolution. During startup, processing, cleaning and sterilization the operator is guided by the PLC.

The selected process data for a specific product can locally be stored under a customized name. The run data during processing is stored on a USB stick.