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Cooling incubators

KB| KT series BINDER cooling incubators are gentle on samples and provide high-quality performance. Every KB Series cooling incubator thus makes safe, reproducible incubation possible, even at high […]

Constant Climate Chambers

Always the right climate Research and quality assurance is solely focused on the optimization and monitoring of the performance standards as well as the functions and service life […]

Cool Incubator Binder

The completely redesigned Avantgarde.Line incubators with natural convection or forced convection are now the perfect solution when it comes to meeting growth and incubation requirements. With their exceptional […]

Chemicals Tedia

By the mid twentieth century, analytical chemistry techniques and instrumentation became increasingly sophisticated and sensitive. These improved techniques and instrumentation required solvents of the highest purity. In 1975, […]

Carbonator OMVE

The CF310 is the new range of carbonators that to full-fills the highest demands in carbonation applications. With the different size vessels available and the possibility to integrate […]

Binder incubator oven

A BINDER heating oven with a silicone- and dust-free inner chamber and a symmetrical air flow provides the perfect environment for standard-compliant drying of paints and coating materials […]

B+S Refracto Polarimeter

Bellingham + Stanley offer one of the largest choices of digital refractometers in the World today. All refractometers are made to the highest standard and, with 100-years of […]

Air Sizer Endecott

Endecotts are delighted to announce the launch of a new range of laboratory test sieving machines. The Octagon 200, Octagon 200CL, Minor 200 and the Air Sizer 200 […]

ACM Potentiostat

ACM Potentiostat used for teaching applications is a product offered by Tritech Scientific Pte Ltd. Generally, the ACM Potentiostat is a high-performance research instrument highly recommended in any […]