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Optical activity Polarimeter

ADP600 Polarimeter comprises six models varying only by the wavelength of measurement, including the highly sensitive ultra-violet region, measuring to four decimal places at constant temperatures of ADP430 […]

OMVE CF210 Laboratory Carbo-Fill

Carbonates, fills and seals With great accuracy and reproducibility The ability to establish precise, repeatable parameters when carbonating in the laboratory can dramatically improve the speed at which […]

OMVE HT220 Laboratory UHT

Inline Pasteurization and Sterilization The most complete lab UHT system With the OMVE HT220 Heat Treatment Systems you have a reliable, robust and safe in operation system that […]

OMVE HT122 Bench-Top Heat Treatment System

Indirect HTST/UHT processing The most compact HTST/UHT system Our Bench-Top is the most compact system available on the market in this range. Its mobile frame and size allows […]

OMVE HP202 & HP303 Homogenizes & Emulsifies

With great accuracy and reproducibility The OMVE Inline high pressure homogenizers are designed to be installed with the OMVE HTST/UHT systems or with other small scale continuous flow […]

OMVE FS212 Asepto-Fill

Cold Aseptic Filling & Closing Bench When shelf life is your priority There is a growing demand for aseptic filling of liquid products into containers without making use […]

OMVE FS210 & FS211 Clean-Fill

Hygienic Filling & Closing Bench When hygienic filling is your priority There are still many laboratories and pilot plants that fill and close the heat-treated product in an […]

OMVE Bench Top Carbo Fillr

With great accuracy and reproducibility The CF121 Bench-Top carbonator is designed to give R&D and QA departments the possibility to carbonate (customer) water or post-mix drinks fast, at […]



High-Power Ultrasound for Laboratory & Process Engineering Compound microscope with digital camera Inverted Microscope