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Ultrasonic Bath

High-Power Ultrasound for Laboratory & Process Engineering Compound microscope with digital camera Inverted Microscope


The SpeedMixer™ eliminates air bubbles and mixes in disposable containers. It is used to mix colloids, fluids, powders, pastes, creams, grease, resins, inks, paints and silicones mixtures. Our […]


HPLC/ACS Tedia can provide large volumes of solvent especially purified for preparative scale liquid chromatography, pharmaceutical production, organic syn-thesis, or simply washing apparatus. Tedia HPLC/ACS solvents exceed ACS […]

Tedia GC

GC Tedia GC solvents are optimized for organic residue extraction/concentration procedures that utilize GC/ECD and/or GC/FID methods, including pesticide residue analysis. Tedia GC solvents feature: Solvent stability Flat […]

Tedia Anhydrosolv

Tedia Anhydrosolv is purified and packaged for critical moisture-sensitive reactions such as organic, organometallic, oligonucleotide, and peptide synthesis. Extremely low water content. Packaging under nitrogen. Low residue. Large […]

Tedia ACS

Tedia ACS solvents meet the national standards defined by the American Chemical Society for Reagent Chemicals. These solvents are handled with the same processes and equipment used for […]

Tedia Absolv

Absolute Purity, Absolute Confidence! Tedia Absolv solvents are the ultimate grade, which meets all the most critical applications. You no longer have to keep multiple grades of solvents […]


TitroLine® 7000 Beside the features which are mentioned in the general part of the titration family, the TitroLine® 7000 offers much more performance. Introducing the new titrators TitroLine® […]