CF121 Bench-Top Carbo-Fill®

The Bench-Top carbonator accurately injects a wide variety of CO2 content into water.
In the beginning the user doses the syrup or concentrate in the packaging – postmix drink production. The Bench-Top Carbo-Fill® system then fills up the packaging automatically under controlled conditions.

With an accuracy of +/- 0.2g/L of CO2 content, the CF121 system is ideal for the quick production of recipes containing differing levels of CO2.

The integrated chiller ensures maximum absorption of CO2. Additionally, the Bench-Top Carbo-Fill® is designed with a counter pressure filling sequence that involves flushing the container with CO2, pressurizing the bottle before filling and depressurizing after filling. This ensures minimal loss of CO2 during filling.

  • Features


  • Integrated cooler
  • Accurate control of desired carbonation level, between 5g/L and 11g/L
  • Counter-pressure filling
  • Compatible with PET and glass bottles, cans
  • Fills any bottle up to 1.5L
  • Intuitive control
  • Compact design