Field Machine

The Portable Field Machine is our most versatile full specification corrosion testing instrument.  Its rugged construction and protective water resistance IP68 enclosure enables it to be operated at extreme locations throughout the world.  This instrument takes laboratory precision outdoors to oil rigs, pipelines, concrete walls and just about anything that needs corrosion monitoring in-situ.  The potentiostat, ZRA, integra; Frequency Response Analyser and Sweep Generator are exactly as provided in the laboratory Gill 8 model ensuring the most accurate testing available.  The choice of test is not limited; the AC, IR Compensation and DC tests plus the Sequencer and Analysis that are supplied with this field instrument are the same as supplied with the laboratory instruments.

Our field machine is quite like none other on the market, allowing a light weight truly mobile unit which can withstand extreme conditions.  The standard version is single channel, but the instrument is available with multiple channels up to a maximum of twelve.


  • Options Available

Options Available

Smaller & Lighter

Lightweight Field Machine

Using modern lithium polymer battery technology the new Field Machine is half the weight and significantly smaller than before, with all the capabilities of the standard version..   Due to smaller size than its bigger brother, this version is restricted to 6 channels

Multiple channel version

Up to a maximum of twelve channels are available

ER (Electrical Resistance)

Our Field Machines can now be fitted with an ER option, allowing you to measure electrical resistance in one multi-purpose corrosion monitoring unit.  read 

Bubble Test and Bubble Test using Localised Corrosion Monitoring (LCM™)

Bubble Test and Bubble Test LCM™ is optional on the Field Machine.   

Guard Ring Probe

Typically used for monitoring a specific area of re-bar beneath a layer of concrete.   


Linear Polarisation Resistance Noise is ideal for corrosion monitoring in multiple phase environments such as intermittent solutions and splash zones.

Internet Control (Field Unit)

The Field Unit includes a built in mini PC, which when connected to a mobile phone allows remote monitoring and control from anywhere in the world via the internet.

Weld Test option

A Field Machine with four additional working electrodes per channel, for testing multi-metal systems such as welds and central heating systems.